Ever seen a hillbilly?  You have now.

Hosea's family goes back over nine generations in rural Christian county.

Hosea was born and raised in Dry Hollow, Missouri, (that's Dry Holler to natives!), the youngest of nine siblings.  He met Debbie Mabe when he was cleaning restrooms and parking cars for Branson's first show, the Baldknobbers.  Debbie's father was one of the original four brothers that started that show.  Debbie performed as a featured vocalist until she married Hosea.
Hosea was initially a math teacher.  He loves math, and the entire family is made up of voracious readers.  He says he was nagged into the ministry, and Debbie was none too happy.  She locked herself in the bathroom and told him she didn't marry a preacher! Debbie soon relented, and their ministry as an inseparable team has had profound impact on Southwest Missouri.

Eldest daughter Joy followed her mother's footsteps, performing 18 years on the Baldknobber stage as a featured vocalist. She has performed for literally millions live, and appeared on several national television shows in addition to performing for two presidents. Joy is a prodigal daughter, and her transparency has resonated with audiences as they see evidence of God's grace in action. Retiring from the Baldknobber stage in 2013, Joy is Associate Director of the Gillioz Center for Arts & Entertainment, managing the historic Gillioz Theatre.
Middle daughter Robin married her high school sweetheart, Chris Rees, who was a missionary kid.  While pregnant with their first child, Chris was diagnosed with AIDS from a blood transfusion he received as a child on the mission field.  Their eldest daughter, Alli, has been healthy since birth.  Robin and Chris welcomed a second daughter, Molly, in 2006 - miraculously, Robin and both girls remain disease-free.  Chris continues to experience good health, despite having dealt with the disease for over 20 years. 
Robin is Vice President at OakStar Bank.
Will Bilyeu is the youngest biological son.  Another redhead, Will is satirical and dry in his humor.  A talented writer and singer, Will is married to Kerri and they have daughter Ella.

Hosea & Debbie founded Wells of Joy,
a ministry established to "increase the joy of the servants of the Lord". 
This ministry has taken them to Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Nicaragua & Africa in addition to their domestic endeavors.